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Born 1981 Sydney, Australian, of Asian cultural heritage. Currently living and working in London. Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.

For me art is a way of contemplating life. I create sculptures and spatial installations that help me examine intrinsic human emotions and the underlying themes in human existence.


My work aims to evoke states of consciousness that transpire through viewing an object or being present within a space. The sculptures aim to trigger a contemplative process in the viewer that is both outward-looking and inward-looking. I aspire to arouse both a viewer’s visceral self-awareness of their own body, emotions and feelings; and a heightened awareness of the change and uncertainty of day-to-day human life.


My current body of work consists of sculptural objects made from timber some of which are stained black. The wood was sourced from fallen trees and construction sites in the greater London area. I choose to work with wood because of its history and its innate qualities (splits, cracks, knots & grain). These qualities inspire an empathetic dialogue with the material, and thus guide the development of my sculptures. Through the reductive process of carving I cut away the layers of the timber in order to reconstruct it to reveal a new form, that is charged with its own life, and is intended to resonate with the viewer’s own emotions and feelings.

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